Paintings / Codes / signs sign 2.3 2007acrylics on oakapprox. 30 x 50 x10 cmprivat apartment, Berlin, 2010The signs (2007) exist in four different types; three of which were inspired by Chinese characters. A simple horizontalline is the symbol for »yi«. This sign is known as »one« and

früher oder später

Painting / Codes / früher oder später früher oder später 2001acrylics on nettle on woodthee parts, 13 x 207 cm eachKunstverein Radolfzell, 2006 früher oder später2001acrylics on nettle on woodthee parts, 13 x 207 cm each näher oder weiter2001acrylics on nettle on woodthee parts, 13 x 207 cm each sketchbook,


Painting / Codes / covering covering acrylic on cardboard9.4 x 9.4 cm, variable in depthGalerie Vayhinger, Singen, 2015The colored stripes used in the covering objects (2015–17) correspond to the notes of Leonard Cohen’s song “Hallelujah,” the Beatles song “And I Love Her,” Bob Dylan’s song “Don’t Think


Painting / Codes / Liebesbrief Liebesbrief (S. 1-4) 2016acrylic on nettle152.4 x 152.4 cm eachStudio, Berlin, 2016 Liebesbrief (S. 1) 2016acrylic on nettle152.4 x 152.4 cmThe four paintings that make up the Liebesbrief (2016) series visualize a four-page imaginary letter to Agnes Martin, written in Morse code. LiebesbriefDetail

Titanweiß, Norma Professional, 300ml

Painting / Codes / Titanweiß, Norma Professional, 300ml Titanweiß, Norma Professional, 300ml 2016oil on nettle 144,5 x 189,6 cm Titanweiß, Norma Professional, 300mlDetail


Painting / Codes / Début Début 2016acrylics on nettle152,4 x 107,8 cm DébutProcess Studio, Berlin, 2016


Painting / Codes / heute heute 2018acrylic on cardboard12 Songs, Galerie G, Freiburg, 2018The letters of the alphabet were assigned colors used to form seven words in the work heute (2018). heuteacrylic on cardboardDetail


Painting / Codes / Treaty Treaty. Tribute to Leonard Cohenacrylics on shirting, 201812 Songs, Galerie G, Freiburg 2018 Suzanne 201860 x 124,7 x 2,4 cmacrylics on shirting SuzanneProcess of PaintingIn tribute to Leonard Cohen, threre were 12 of his songs translated into colorful painted notations. Bettina Rave encoded Cohen’s voice