Out of the Blue

Painting / dynamic / Out Of The Blue Out Of The BluePrivate apartment,  Berlin, 1998 Out Of The Blue (I) 1998acrylic on nettle on wood, seven parts, 30 x 40 cm eachTotal length: approx. 286 cmOut of the Blue (1998) is inspired by sequences in animated films: An object, moving


slipping away

Painting / dynamic / slipping away slipping away (IV) 1997oil on nettle155 x 200 cmA central component for the slipping away series (1995‒97) is the 3D effect that occurs when you stare concentratedly at the original images. They start to flicker, and it seems as if you are


Painting / dynamic / Suchlauf Suchlauf (I)1997oil on nettle155 x 200 cmIn the Suchlauf series (1997‒2005), the principle of dropouts in analog video was carried over to painting. The process of building up the layers of paint, which can be traced through the strips that drop


Painting / dynamic / Saudade Saudade (IV)2007oil on nettle on wood165 x 220 cm Saudade (IV)Detail Saudade (I)2005oil on nettle150x195 cm Saudade (II)2006oil on nettle on wood165 x 220 cm Saudade (III)2006oil on nettle on wood165 x 220 cm Saudade (IV)front site leftSaudade (III)front site rightFlow, Kunstmuseum Singen 2015

en plein air (III)

Painting / dynamic / en plein air (III) en plein air (III) 2008oil on nettle on wood165 x 220 cm en plein air (III) (right) / Querfeldein (left) Kunstmuseum Singen, 2015