Painting / Fabrics / Blauer Mann

Blauer Mann (I)

acrylic on shirting
126 x 168 cm

Blauer Mann (II)

acrylic on shirting
126 x 168 cm

Detail: Blauer Mann (II)

Process: Blauer Mann (I)

Blauer Mann (I) and (II) show details of a Titian painting (known in English as the Portrait of a Man with a Quilted Sleeve) as if they were zoomed from his work using a 1:4 magnification factor. The viewer sees images of painted fabrics during the imaginary working process of the artist. The first image depicts a stage in which the colored areas have just been created; the second a later stage with folds already modeled.

Blauer Mann (I) / Blauer Mann (II),

Studio Berlin, 2021