Painting / fabrics / canvas paintings Leinwandportrait (I) 2020acrylic on canvas138 x 97 cmThe visual subject matter of Leinwandbilder (2020) is the canvas as a classical support. It is sometimes pure and sometimes appears as if the image is the X-ray of a canvas, as seen during

Blauer Mann

Painting / Fabrics / Blauer Mann Blauer Mann (I) 2020acrylic on shirting126 x 168 cm Blauer Mann (II) 2021acrylic on shirting126 x 168 cm Detail: Blauer Mann (II) Process: Blauer Mann (I) Blauer Mann (I) and (II) show details of a Titian painting (known in English as the Portrait of a Man with

Compianto sul Cristo morto

Painting / Fabrics / Compianto sul Cristo morto Compianto sul Cristo morto 2022acrylic on shirting126 x 168 cm Studio Berlin, 2021process Painting of a section of Giovanni Bellini's Compianto sul Cristo morto from 1515, as if zoomed out of the original image with a magnification factor of 1:4. It


Painting / Fabrics / Catarina Catarina 2022/23acrylic on shirting126 x 168 cm process Catarina studio Berlin 2022 Detail studio Berlin 2022