Das Bild

Painting / text-based / Das Bild Das Bild 1994 acrylics and pencil on nettel 60 x 78 cm


Painting / text-based / Wunschkonzert Wunschkonzert 1995photocopy on shirting30 x 30 cm eachStudio, Berlin, 2016 WunschkonzertDetailFor the work Wunschkonzert (1995), five individuals – Kerstin Drechsel, Friederike Feldmann, Heidi von Plato, Bettina Rave, Markus Strieder – have written down things they enjoy seeing. These descriptions are read aloud as



Painting / text-based / Solidarijut Solidarijut in memory of Kurt Bigler / Bergheimer2008acrylics on shirting9 parts,  40 x 40 cm each Solidarijut 2008acrylics on shirting 40 x 40cmThe work Solidarijut (2008), which was created for the Bigler/Bergheimer-Preis, is composed of nine images that each show a Hebrew letter and a


Painting / text-based / Komma Komma (in the background: Schnee)Galerie Vayhinger, Radolfzell 2015 Komma 2011 acrylics on cardboardØ 23,3 cm Multiple, Edition 24


I paint

Painting / text-based / I paint I paint 2013--14acrylic on canvas155 x 206 cm eachFlow, Kunstmuseum Singen, 2015 I paint (G_R) 2013acrylic on canvas155 x 206 cmI paint (2013‒14) is a series featuring texts by painters that are painted on paintings. Only white primer is used for this



Painting / text-based / Schnee Schnee 2015acrylics on canvas155 x 206 cm Tafelbild, Schnee 2015acrylics on canvas155 x 206 cmStudio, Berlin, 2015 SchneeDetail

Photogramm A_M

Painting / text-based / Photogramm Photogramm A_M 2016acrylics in nettle155 x 206 cmThe letters in the painting Photogramm A_M are identical with the letters in the painting I paint A_M, which depicts texts by Agnes Martin.  Photogramm A_MDetail Photogramm A_Mworking processStudio, Berlin, 2013 Studio, Berlin, 2013


Painting / text-based / Palette Palette 2016acrylic on canvas155 x 206 cmThe visual subject matter of Palette (2016) are the names of the six colors that Bettina Rave uses most, reproduced in various languages. PaletteDetail Anton Berta Cäsar Worte, Zeichen, NotationenHesse Museum Gaienhofen, 2017center: Palette2016acrylic on canvas155 x 206 cmright: Titanweiß,


Painting / text-based / jetzt: jetzt: 12 Songs, Galerie G, Freiburg 2018 jetzt:2018
, mulitiple33,5 x 49,5 x 1,5 cmacrylics on multiplex board adesso:2018, mulitiple33,5 x 64 x 1,5 cm. acrylics on multiplex board now:2018, mulitiple
33,5 x 48 x 1,5 cmacrylics on multiplex board ahora:2018, mulitiple33,5 x 56 x 1,5 cmacrylics on


Painting / text-based / Suzanne Suzanne 2020oil on nettle on wood144,5 x 189,6 cm Suzanne Studio, Berlin, 2020 SuzanneDetail